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cleaning-servicesCleanliness in our communities has never been so important. People rightly expect high standards of cleaning and hygiene in the 21st century – from schools, hospitals, sports centres and police stations to offices, commercial premises, social housing, streets and car parks.

Clean buildings and neighbourhoods are happier and healthier places in which to live and work – and show that they are treated with the pride they deserve. That’s why contracts and partnerships in both the private and public sectors can benefit from Nightingale Solutions’ Cleaning Division.

Professional Cleaning Services for Healthcare Institutions

Poor hygiene in healthcare institutions such as hospitals, dentists, and GP surgeries, can put people’s lives at risk. Infections can spread quickly throughout these areas with overwhelming consequences.

cleaning-services-photoHealthcare environments have strict standards of hygiene that must be upheld. Providing a clean and safe environment ensures the risk to patients from healthcare associated infections is reduced to a minimum.

Nightingale Solutions understands the challenges faced in order to sustain a safe and hygienic environment. We provide specialised healthcare cleaning and disinfection services to successfully reduce the risk of infections and to help prevent and control any spread occurring.

Nightingale Solutions offer planned extensive deep cleaning and decontamination services, available for entire wards to high risk theatre rooms. This is completed with minimal disruption and down time to your procedures.

As well as Nightingale Solutions’ planned preventative healthcare cleaning services we also provide a 24 hour rapid response solution to healthcare organisations that have urgent requests for areas to be specially cleaned and disinfected rapidly. This ensures that these areas are able to function to full capacity extremely quickly.