phlebotomy  Phlebotomy Service

PhlebotomyPhlebotomy is the practice of drawing blood and is performed primarily to diagnose and monitor a patient's condition. It involves highly developed and rigorously tested procedures and equipment to ensure the safety and comfort of the patient and the integrity of the sample collected. Blood is collected by both a venous (venepuncture) and capillary blood sample collection. Blood tests have a wide range of uses and are one of the most common types of medical test.


Blood tests can be carried out to check and/or monitor:

• your general state of health

• confirm the presence of a bacterial or viral infections

• liver and kidney function

• INR testing (warfarin)

• level of blood glucose (diabetes)

• cholesterol levels

• prostate function

……and more


We provide a domiciliary phlebotomy service (home visits) to the housebound patients. We have a responsibility to collect blood as efficiently as possible, following preparation procedures ensuring viability of specimens for analysis.