school-nurse   School Nurse Service

school-nurse-service• To keep you safe if your health is at risk.

• To organise immunisations and give advice on outbreaks of diseases that can be passed from one person to another.

• To make sure young people with health problems are able to go to school, for example, if a young person is disabled or has problems with learning.

• To make sure young people with health issues receive the right National care and specialist services.

• To offer ‘drop-in’ sessions for young people where you can receive support and advice.

• To help your teachers with PSHE lessons.

• To provide training and advice for your teachers on specific health issues, for example, diabetes care, epilepsy, allergies.

• To support you if you have emotional problems, for example, bullying or family issues.

• Offer support and advice to young people concerned with sexual identity issues.

• Help young people to give up smoking.

• Give support and advice to parents or carers on parenting skills.

• Help teenage parents with emotional and practical support.

• Provide parenting/babysitting skills training for teenagers.nurse-service

• Work in a particular area in which your school needs help, for example, teenage pregnancy or work with young asylum seekers.

• Work with staff, young people and governors to develop health policies for your school, for example, to work on a policy about what food should be available at school or how much PE young people should do.

• Help your school gain a Healthy School Status.